The Brand by trusted manufacturer.

Unifur™ offers furniture and furnishings that are designed by talented designers and artists. All products are developed to satisfy the brand’s philosophy of having universal form, user–centered design, unique fun, and usability for users.

Unifur™ brand focuses on optimized functions, craftsman–ship, and time–less design rather than following fleeting trends of the market. Our mission is to design and distribute furniture, lighting, and interior accessories that enable long–term relationship between customers and products.


Our major clients are South Korean Leading Construction companies (e.g.: Hyundai Engineering, Samsung Construction, and Lotte Engineering). Our company's sales reached 50 million USD last year and still growing with sales of system furniture, porcelain tile, bathroom products, and LED products.




Unifur™ products in public media.

Unifur™ products have been selected for many TV dramas' stage furnishing as a part of good looking housing.

SBS TV Drama 'Thrice Married Woman' Furniture sponsor
KBS 2TV Drama 'Pretty Man' Furniture sponsor
KBS 2TV Drama 'Wang's Family' Furniture sponsor
KBS 2TV Drama 'You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin' Furniture sponsor
KBS 2TV Drama 'Cantabile Tomorrow' Furniture sponsor

Womens' Dong–A Issue593—2013 MAY (p400—413)
Part of the 'Dblow' online exhibition



Unifur™ welcomes passionate people.

Unifur™ offices welcome talented designers, engineers, artists, drivers, accountants, and etc. to work and cooperate.